Sunday, November 7, 2010

A few thoughtful items garnered from a late Saturday afternoon early November session

1. Walking into a surf shop with the intent to quickly pick up a couple key components for the session you are currently in commute to, can end in tears. It's like when you were a kid and your father said "Oh, hey, I just have to stop by the hardware store on our way to the playground. It'll just take a sec," and you spend the next hour and a half running up and down the aisles trying to find him. Just excruciating.

2. Patagonia wetsuits work good.

3. That big, black Yater fin works really good.

4. Going right on a biggish, throwing day at Long Beach can be a foolish, and patience testing choice, especially on a 9-something long board. But it can be equally rewarding in the total-cover-up kamikaze annihilation department. Which happens to be some of our departments.

5. Having a local surf shop owned and operated by knowledgeable people, with a wide array of quality boards and other worky things readily on tap, is a godsend no matter how long the detour is going ding your travel time.

6. My son is inevitably screwed.


Rick said...

2. yes I concur. have an R3 and even now when the water is 10C and the air way below it's toasty. be trying the R4 inna month

6. today I cleaned my 70's yellow channeled single fin and brought into the living room for my one year old. he was stoked. it's the biggest toy he has and at the moment his favourite

EditorialBoard said...

eh, one more:

Booties & mits apparently aren't always necessarily for the coldness of the water, rather the walk back to the car after the session.

Bubbie said...

We need a frequent flyer program...

Bubbie said...

and a second register for those members...with complimentary hot towelettes and cocktails before take off..we're working on it,

EditorialBoard said...

god damn I love hot towlettes.