Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Another warm and dance night with Brazuklyn.
Samba musicians, para quem tem samba no pe.
Unlike their slightly more boisterous Brazilian cousin on the Southside, the Northside's Beco Bar offers a somewhat more genteel approach. The food can be spicy and the tiny space a touch peppery of air because of it, but the vibe is outstanding. Yes, surfing with Brazilians can sometimes be a pain, but eating with them, dancing with them and listening to their music more than saves that situation. The temperature dropped today, and tonight Beco serves another round of hot Samba. If you are planning your night around Johnny's opening, a Snow fest film or the Shadows of the Same Sun projection, Beco isn't a bad option to warm the heart in commute or return.

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