Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vanishing New York

Lost Bohemia

New York has always been a city in flux. A bulging, bustling, disgusting place where people looking for professional satisfaction stumble over people looking for sexual satisfaction stumbling over people just trying to get by. I've only lived in the city for a decade or so, perhaps the most offensive ten years in terms of rapid gentrification, blatant commodification and any number of other terribly irritating yet shamefully soothing fications, and the shifting socio-economic scene has been a dizzying ride. There are a million things gone now that were a staple to my fresh NY psyche less than five years ago. And so it goes. Jeremiah's Vanishing New York is a lamentation on such things, small and large. What is to be done and does anyone have the right to demand it? Many would point out that people like me are the root problem. Which, of course, is both hogwash and utterly semi-true. Dunno. But like any New Yorker, I'll just keep my head down, keep my eyes to myself and hustle off to where I'm going.

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