Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New (To Us) Playahs

There are a number of New York centric surfy bloggy websites out there, some look to do one thing, while others another. All to say that New York is a pretty dynamic place to be a surfer, and there is no way to escape the high-minded sensibilities that pulse through the joint. Surf Collective NYC has a far more polished take on things than we do. And is worth every look.
We've been meaning to redesign again, and that blog just makes us feel even more dowdy.

On the other side, there's Punch In The Face which by moniker alone makes us feel like wimps. But equally enjoyable for similar, yet dissimilar reasons.

Hooray us. Hooray New York. Yay surfing.
Now, if the waves would just show up when I'm not working.

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Broseph Vissarionovich Stalin said...

that Surf Colelctive NYC site? nice find. great photos! sub'd