Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'll admit, the tug of right wing libertarianism is a strong one. It just seems like our elected officials are just rarely the smartest ones in the room. And whereas the local ones still sometimes have the fire of community organizing and neighborhood collaboration burning in their bellies, the national ones are simply lost to the quixotic reach for ideological (read: ego-maniacal) satisfaction. Let's face it, most of the people in congress are plain dumb. Albeit a motivated dumb. And motivated by what seems all the wrong reasons.
But our ability to vote, our ability to speak up and be nominally part of the system must be engaged. Whether you feel like it does any good or not. Whether you feel like you're part of the process or not. Whether you feel anything at all, voting is part of what makes things work. The less people vote, the more those in power feel like they can do what they want without hamper.
So just pull the lever, push the button, punch the box. A simple moment like a breath. And a breath it is.

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