Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recent Inspiring Stuff

Inspiration is a funny thing. What I sometimes call inspiring, a designation I normally assume leads to an over-all positive mental state, can in actuality lead me down the road to despondency. Does this mean the subject in question is not inspiring? Or like inertia's often half intoned usage regarding only the static state, can inspiring be similarly underestimated in the breadth of its definition? Maybe that's a stupid question. In the blogging tradition of collecting others images and reposting them for general appeal, I've flipped through the Surf Historians section to the right and scampered off with some recent things that inspire (full meaning now understood.)

Click on any photo and magically be delivered to the place of origination. That is, origination to my consciousness. Perhaps not the actual creative origin. You may have to dig deeper for that.

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