Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I love Your Blog

I have this job. We have this job. It is a kind of "hurry up and wait" type of job that means we sit around for a while, then work like crazy for a while, then sit around for a little while, then revise the work we made like even crazier for an even shorter while, then we sit for a long while again. The virtuousness or viciousness of the cycle directly proportionate to the perspective of the time frame, the question wrapped up with value of the down time, the value of the up time and the contingency of existence-value via said factors. Again the whole thing begins and ends in perspective. So Antonio and I sit and wait for things, then we work like crazy on things. Are the things good? Are they worth the time? Do they make the world a better place, or, depending on one's value system, do they fill our pockets with enough money to someday continue or discontinue the existing process? This is not a question to answer here, now. Or maybe it is. But it's not, really. What is answerable, at nearly every moment, is the question of what sort of spin one would like to put on it all. At least that's what the process calls for.

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