Saturday, April 30, 2011

Important Stuff

Getting to Long Beach mid week, during rush hour traffic on a school night might be a crazy ask.  But if this is all it might be, fear can be a great motivator.


Anonymous said...

If there were only one of you I would say ok ... he /she's a little tied up, but, three of you .. come on dudes get your Blog on !

What's the deal ? WTF ???
did you get to the meeting ?
If so what happened ???

Inquiring surfers want to know !!!

EditorialBoard said...

Well, there are only two of us now. The third took a jet plane back to Oz and opened the surf shop Rhombus.

But this is a great question.
We didn't make it.
We try to do some small, shameful part by posting this stuff up, and we even screw that up as we don't do the follow up...

So it's coming. The follow up is coming. And it's all your fault.