Monday, April 4, 2011

On The Road (In The Water) with Family Band

"I'm on tour with Family Band from Brooklyn and we've spent the last month going around the good ole USA with Warpaint (from LA) and PVT (from Australia).  Naturally, not much time for surfing though I did have a quick dip in the pacific a few weeks ago which was pretty refreshing after driving cross country in a van with a bunch of smelly dudes.  Just wanted to send over a couple photos from yesterday morning at Rockaway (90th) while passing through the hood.  I managed to fit in a 2 hour session with a friend in between our Bowery Ballroom show and the next day's show in Philly.

Some people will remind you that there is nothing as good as a good drummer. They keep the beat. Often in this wild world we conjecture to figure our own world is truly wild. But our wild don't know the half of it. Some people will tell you they need a good drummer, they'll get a good drummer, then they'll forget they needed a good drummer in the first place.We'll see where that gets them.  David Torch sent us these images. A stop off en route to somewhere else, making sure to keep the water tight. If they are in your neighborhood, and it sounds like they might be, check out Family Band. Revel in the quality of life.

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