Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 NY Fish Fry Instawrap

We both missed Friday night's Kenvin-Hall talkie, but Antonio got out there for the surf Saturday morning, and all I got was a burger and a beer Saturday night. Some beer.
By all accounts, the 2011 Fish Fry was super fun. Michael Rovnyak was on hand capturing some angles. His photos are here...

The barbeque at the Mollusk shop was fun as well. As usual, the four-year-olds dominated the scene, t-shirts sold like hot cakes, Johnny HA manned the grill and the beer flowed like wine. Here is the second section of the fishy film hastily made for the event, a rough approximation of what it feels like to watch the latest tropical excursion super rad exotic super surfy film DVDQuicktimeYoutubeVimeo while sitting in your cramped Brooklyn apartment with the soundtrack turned up to eleven, trying to beat out the sounds of sirens and people yelling at each other right outside your window.

All thanks to the guys at SMASH for setting up the events and Chris at Mollusk for doing the crazy energy routine on making the BBQ a great time at the shop.

••• Addendum : Michael Rovnyak sent through some more fots from yesterday. Enjoy •••

••• Double Addendum <Mollusk Coverage Here> Double Addendum •••


VĂ­ctor. said...

Oh! What´s the board in the first pic? A door????

Anonymous said...

good to see chris giving the art direction near the end, telling the photographer to pull down the saturation and increase the specularity by 5. art filters... cool

EditorialBoard said...

Tyler Breuer: "That was the door board by Becker. The thing went alright. Paddled like a dream, trimmed like a door and ripe for knock knock jokes!"