Wednesday, May 25, 2011


There are many surprising joys New York living offers. They are the similar joys to those found all over the place really, involving people moving to the big city to "make it" as something, or to "experience" something, then figuring out they don't have what it "takes" or the experience was found "wanting." Demurring at a return to the suburban nightmare from which they hatched, and not having the nous to really go all rural, these desperate souls have turned to that particular sort of DIY culture flowering in the giving urban soil. More or less, they've come, they've seen, it hasn't been all it's cracked up to be, dammit if anything else is better, hey why don't we do something on our own here in the middle of it all. And so here I sit in my apartment, two blocks away from a 100% true blue butchery, the kind that actually cuts up, on the premises, a whole cow from up the highway, or pig, or rabbit, or whathaveyou, and stuffs their own sausages and makes their own duck confit and grounds their own pate and just so happens to make their own scrapple. The kind I am eating right now, lusty bites swiped while typing. Now I'm not saying Alex came here and failed, or that anyone of those butchers failed. I'm not saying they desperately tossed around for something to fill the void left in their heart by their shortcomings. Or even that my little creation myth applies to anyone, really. I'm just saying that New York serves up a lot of people trying to make a lot of good and idealistic things happen in a very real way. And it's a pleasure to be around. And I'm also saying, now it becomes recounting, that when Alex was handing me this free taster patty of succulent scrappled meat, instructing that a quick slap in a cast iron pan with a sunny egg thrown on top might be a good breakfast for the boy and myself, he mentioned to me that he needed to find a board in the 7footish range for a very soonish return trip to surfing he has been planning for quite sometime. This morning, pre-scrapple, I reached out to some friends on the matter via email. This morning post, or I ought to say mid, scrapple I realized the magnitude of the matter. If this guy makes something this good, this morally right, he deserves a pleading post on a surf blog. Luckily I know a surf blog. Do you know a used 7footish egg sorta shape for $300 or less?

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