Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Sunday Surf

Nothing could be "cooler" right now in New York than surfing. A few things combine to make it all so very sexy to the cosmopolitan taste makers: the promise of sun, youthful beauty and a rare experience of unblemished nature, plus, the resurgence in the surf community of an emphasis on something entirely palatable to the New Yorky: design. In the end, one can only assume the whole thing will recede into its previously comfy confines of "sidenote." Enjoy it or despise it while it lasts. But really there is no sense in not enjoying when you can.


kelvin freely said...

this is happening because of you. and that now explains why you watched the justin beiber movie. you HAVE to stay current.

EditorialBoard said...

Man, that Beiber movie was good.
Actually, I may watch that tonight.
Who is Justin Beiber?