Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yes, we surfed this morning. No, there are no pictures.


ras said...

there is no I without the I. "dat is why we seh I 'n I. jah rastafari."

"that's why there is no need to slay de wicked. jus leave them fi face fierce death, and dey will perish."

old Jah Man from the Rasta camp in Countryman

Jeff DiNunzio said...

yes, as did i. and no, there are no pictures!

nice way to spend an overcast a.m.

fyi, tweaked my blog a bit, here's the new link. (

old one is defunct.

ha, my 'word verification" is 'dings.' fitting.

party on~

o4trix said...

'a single hand cannot make a clap'

EditorialBoard said...

Somehow the other two comments on this post were deleted.