Saturday, July 23, 2011

Matty & Dean : Aussies In NY

I didn't really drink a sip of coffee until just about five years ago.  Well, that's a  lie. There were a couple weeks there when I was living on the Godfather's couch in Ashland where I consumed some coffee.  But that's it, really.  True story. So when the boy was born, and a regular intake of caffeine was called for and the monthly stipend set aside for morning expenditures forced us to buy an easybakeovenprosumerespressomakingbox, that ritual called the double shot or triple shot became a codified habit.  Lately however, I've been trying to get away from the "prickly bitter bean brew" as I once called it lo those many Oregonian years ago. I've been turning to green tea, black tea, brown tea, iced tea and chai tea.  In the end though, it is the coffee, or rather then, my son's birth that lead me straight into the needing arms of a couple Aussies this morning, for I should not have found myself otherwise in line at the Long Beach Starbucks waiting to order my gigantic cup of iced black tea (that, and the once-in-a-long-while opportunity to surf before picking someone up at JFK, one of those magical series of events, the proverbial killing two birds scenario all Brooklyn surfers dream about) and there they were, in need of an extra FCS fin, scouting for the scouting report and full of good mojo and grand vibes.  Just off the truck from Montreal where said fin was smashed surfing the river there, Matty and Dean are looking to check the surfed states off their list, New York being the thing at hand.  I offered masking tape, Solarez and whatever else I happen to have in the trunk of the car.  In the end, I had to hustle off to pick up the brother and niece and they headed off to paddled into cruddy waist high junk.  Of course, as it is for itinerant Aussies, better things are in store.  Matty is off to Mexico to set his soul straight in a spicier locale while Dean is going to do the surfy end around from Mozambique to Cape Town.  Nice guys.  Good guys.  If you see them on the road, buy them a beer, put them up for a night, and send me the tab.  Or some part of the tab as I know how Aussies can party. Bon voyage fellas.

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