Monday, July 18, 2011

When Surfy Images Happen to Non Surfy People

The consternation with Facebook continues unabated.  Wifey would simply rather not have so much information about everyone.  I miss the days of being truly blind-sided by some new development.  but there continues to be a great things about the inter-connected-digital-cloud extravaganza.  One, it's great for business if your business happens to include getting some sort of information out to a number of people all at once (or just to remind your clients you still exist and still happen to be very, very groovy.) Two, you get little snapshots of people lives that can inspire.  Take Lara's photo of Pt. Reyes for instance.  I don't take her for much of a surfer.  Although I could be wrong in this.  No matter, this photo made my surf starved day.

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