Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another Chapter Ends

Over at the other blog, I've wrapped up some work on another journal project.  It went something like this: the more I'd allow myself the time and lethargic energy to follow links and peruse the internet, the more I'd stumble upon blogs, websites and image searches full of interesting visual knick knacks.  Trying to make sense of this new barrage of imagery, I started compiling the input into visual presentations.  Some took no time to make, just collage sketches of image on top of image.  Others took more time and needed a modicum of thought.  Anyhow, if you're interested in something approaching a constant strobe of regurrgitated scenic info, click here.

P.s. Let the pages sit for a while.  It takes a minute for them all to load up adequately for full viewing pleasure (or, ah, pain.)


Tang Trio said...

Thats super rad! i want to try to make one! what program did you use?

EditorialBoard said...

Garden variety digital photo tools!

Anonymous said...

Amazing and funny, I love it!