Friday, August 5, 2011

Brian Lentini said that Craig Stecyk told him he stumbled upon his blog Mastastico simply by googling his own name.  Mastastico popped up at the top of a very short list, apparently.  I found the idea that someone as seminal as C.R. Stecyk wouldn't have reams of links pointing his direction hard to believe.  This was all probably a while ago, and if you google Stecyk now you get about 137,000 hits, so my master plan to get C.R. Stecyk's attention simply by mentioning him in a blog post is out the window.   And frankly, this video has been out for a while.  But as we've stated before, this thing is as much a repository for our future archival enjoyment as it is for anything novel.  Enjoy this for the first time or for a third or fourth watching or simply click past, grumbling about bloggers who are too lazy to post original content.

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Anonymous said...

"brian lentini surf skate" garners 24,200 hits on google