Wednesday, August 24, 2011


There are a lot of things going on here.  A bad habit, a love affair, a conceit and an acquiescence.

1. I have been accused of being a bad lunch companion.  I simply like reading too much while I eat lunch.  I'll scrounge, often frantically, for something, anything to read while I eat lunch. If it is the proverbial ingredients on the cereal box, I'll read those.  The New York Post?  Begrudgingly.  But read.  It is neither an affectation or an intellectual endeavor.  It is a compulsion.
2. I love horchata.
3. A funny thing happened when I let my hair grow long again:  I started to catch more waves.  Call it what you will, but you paddle out looking like a surfer and people treat you like one. It's lame, sure. But it's a fact. Get over it.  Also, there is something nice about having surf material in your office.  One, it makes you feel grounded.  You look up, it catches your eye and you remember it will all be ok.  That is until the oceans are so full of plastic acid they are unsurfable anymore.  Also, New York advertisery types often love the fact that you are a surfy guy.  Something ticklish about that to them.  I do not blame them.  I do not blame me.  Get over it. 
4. The burrito place I got this burrito at is a classic throw-back NY Mexican joint: budget, junky and crap.  But if you ask for a regular with no rice, the meal is a right-priced and surprisingly satisfying adventure into pinto beans.


Billy Miltenberg said...

Where is this mexican place you speak ok?!?

Anonymous said...

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
On Bedford.
Somewhere south of Grand.