Sunday, August 14, 2011

Montauk American

Whereas last summer was full of Montauk, this summer is not.  Whereas last summer boasted reams of original content, this summer does not.  So is the difference between two years.  So much put to the test, weighed and measured, found wanting and up to the task.  Montauk has been something of a distant memory this lately.  There is a little calculation there, granted.  Something was afoot to turn our attentions elsewhere.  We had other things to attend to, other lives to live.  Besides the specter of the Hamptonification of the outre end of Long Island, there was just too much other stuff happening to make a real go of it.  But this weekend we gratefully made the welcomely worn trek for a couple days of languid lifestyle.
Ten things reminded:
1. Surfing -one foot slop isn't the ideal applicable surface for a Vaquero
2. Surfing +one foot mush might be the ideal applicable surface for a 9 foot twin fin
3. Mikey DeTemple is one fastidious gaucho
4. Byrdie Dog is the best thing this side of that other best thing
5. Parrots like rap
6. The food at the Crow's Nest continues to get better and better to the the point of best
7. Being married 14 years sneaks up on you, then doesn't feel like being married 14 years
8. Attempting to switch stance in said one foot slop on said twin fin 9+ longboard in front of Sunny Garcia only leads one to contemplate one's inabilities
9. "New" doesn't take anything off "friend"
10.  Mastic is just alright with me

Enjoy los petite fotos journal.


Mr. Lentini said...

I miss montauk but I know its not the same..even when I go there and put on my blinders I still get amazingly annoyed to the point of wanting to throat punch people..I agree on all points except I am a huge fan of walters fried oysters at my favorite montauk institution "the shagwong"..and the shag doesnt count if you eat in the restaraunt..the bar is where its at

Toddy said...

That's where I'm going. First thing. Fried oysters are a "last meal" sort of thing for me.