Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stop Talking About Surfing. Done.

M. Huerta
So normally, this might be some sort of gauntlet thrown down to surf bloggers everywhere.  But as we've always prided ourselves about talking about not surfing, we like to feel as if this misses us completely.  Whether that's true or not means little.  But we hear and obey, even if we feel like we are left of target right.  As always.  But oblige we must. As always. Below is an extremely large animated GIF.  The people involved, enjoying loads of pork and wine, are having a conversation undoubtedly not about surfing. In fact, I know for a fact there was not mention of surfing anywhere in that conversation. Sweet relief indeed. 
To see more of a summer weekend spent in the slightly westerly hinterlands of the East Coast (and the decidedly non-surfy goodness to be had around these parts) click here

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