Monday, September 5, 2011


Recently I tried to kick the coffee habit I picked up when my son was born.  Shifting to a morning ration of green tea, I figured the coffee might be bad for my heart, or no good for my heart, and maybe just puts me on edge.  The experiment didn't really pan out. Our espresso machine is on the fritz though, and I've been negligent about getting it fixed, so I've been getting my coffee down the street at one of the innumerable coffee places that grace the neighborhood.  The choice being made at the meeting of where my wife-likes-to-get-coffee and the-earliest-opening-coffee-shop. This morning I found out one of the shop guys is playing music at Southpaw on Thursday.  I've never heard his music, but they are always playing good stuff over the speakers there, and he just looks like he'd make good music.  Besides, I like the flier artwork.
Also recently, I've been getting some really ridiculously nice feedback on the Lapsed Catholics film. That Tyler Breuer interview is something that would make my head too big if the people who deal with me on a regular basis weren't so talented at quotidian deflating.  In the good way.  Ku-Yah and Wheels On Toast have also pointed to the film recently.  I'll tell you what, when you're not feeling totally solid, having someone mention that they think you've done something solid at any point has a buoyant effect. 
We've not been able to take part in any professional surfer watching so far.  But it looks like there is swell happening in the water.  So it might not be a totally un-fun thing to do at some point in the coming week.

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