Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tonight. Quicksilver Party In Brooklyn.

Ruth, Ty, Dave, Marina, Biz, Dustin, Erin, The Dooch, Jah Bless, Bubbie, Johnny HA! (and a couple of the nicest guys you'd ever meet), Sara, Carmel, The Other John, Jamie, The Other Tyler, Maiko, Shigeru,  That One Guy Who's Name I Always Forget, That One Girl Who's Name I Always Forget, Three People Who's Name I Remember But Are Forgetting To Mention, One Person Who's Name I Remembered At The Time But Forget Now, Moose, A Bunch Of People With Faces I've Seen Before and a handful of people who looked like surfers, pro-surfers, ex-pro-surfers, hangers-on-surfers and non surfers.  Fun for 45 minutes! Make that an hour!  Babysitter calls!

Big Ups Thanks! to C.Trejo for providing the epic video documentations

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