Monday, October 3, 2011

Lapsed Catholics Wins Best Int'l Short

I woke up to a couple emails today filling me in that The Surf Magazines Don't Talk About Lapsed Catholics, a short film we made, won the the "Best International Short" award at the Canadian Surf Film Festival. You know those people who say "but I've never won anything in my life!!" Well, that's about right for me too. What a feeling.


EditorialBoard said...

Makes the fact I couldn't get up there to take part all the more of a bummer. And now I hear the peeps are paddling into ten foot faces or something like that. I'd say bitter sweet, but really it's just sweet.

wheelsontoast said...

Its is a rad film, I posted about it here a couple of months ago,
Good work fella.

tjbreuer said...

Mate, you deserve the win! Surf was a bit wonky this morning. You didn't miss too much. Although, yesterday was pretty good. The funny thing was, I was a jury member and it was pretty much unanimous. I didn't even have to talk them into it... Lol. So stoked for you! Congrats.

kelvin freely said...

well done. it's a god damned wonderful film.

ras said...

shoots. I neva won nothin either - cept for a few good days at empty lefts.

one of the jurors is a programer for the Atlantic Film Festival. he loved it. he don't surf.


Jack said...

This makes up for little league. It's your year.