Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Marlyn Minter is for Surfers

With all the down times come the up times. And for every sleepless night and lost cause, there is a productive all-nighter and crazy opportunity. And so it is that I was gifted, a few months ago, a handful of hard drives full of Marilyn Minter's next video project with which to have my way. Well, our way. That is, Marilyn is one particular, artsy gal with a set of objectives, percolations and opinions that would tend bubble out into me normally sedate life. To be honest, she was very patient with me. And to be honest, I am grateful for every minute. Anyhow, this Friday night at Salon 94, Marilyn is kicking off her exhibition with an old fashioned art opening. Besides the obvious point-of-destinationy kind of things that are her massive and incredible paintings, swing by and you'll also see some of my helpy handiwork rear projected onto a wall on Bowery. Inside is a whole room filled with another piece I helped her make. Super sloshy, wet and right down the alley of people who tend to like the sloshy and wet. Marilyn Minter is for surfers.
- Todd

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