Monday, November 7, 2011

Mobile. For a morning.

There is some article doing the digital rounds via The Inertia about the thorny ethics of snaking people. If you can get past the petulantly incendiary opening lines of someone wanting desperately to be antagonizing someone, anyone really, you'll find a relatively nice little piece that covers the topic to a point.  On another tip, last night the phone said "green" and the website said "so-so" and all my cells were crying out "go!"  This morning, the phone said "red" and I didn't even bother to look at the website as my cells were still screaming "go!"  So I went.  Chunky, cruddy, windblown and high tide.  But the air temp was warmer even if the water seemed colder, and as I paddled into a handful of mushflats, I couldn't help but be proud that I made the paddle on the Monday morning, Wednesday morning or Weekend-morning-of-your-choice, that I am allowed to hope for surf. Even if there was in fact, no surf. So yeah, here I am, feeling proud.

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