Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Negotiating the Window or Another Recorded Miss

One might get weary of repeat performances. I'm not. There's something about the idea potential so tied to surfing around these part, Negotiating the window of opportunity, timing the tides, the swell, the wind, the new babies in the midst, family you never get to see, the rest you never seem to get enough of, the work you never get away from, the posts you only get to think of, the exercise you should have done through the week...We looked longingly on the situation. We gambled on the idea that as long as the wind stayed the same or got better, the cold air lifting as the day got warmer, it should be better as the tide dropped a little more but not too much probably. Maybe smaller but better shape. It wasn't. And it looked better just a few blocks down the beach. On either side. Maybe it was and maybe it wasn't and maybe it just seemed to be that way.


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EditorialBoard said...

My session this morning rang a different tune, but I know yours well.