Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today's Missed Surf

I had slated a surf this morning.  Up early and out into clean fun cold water.  But I didn't sleep last night. And I didn't set my alarm.  And I'm tired.  And then, out of nowhere really, my friend Amos pointed me in the direction of this clip.  It oddly articulates a newspaper article I read this morning about Alvin Plantinga, a philosopher I studied in school. The idea he posits that we have these foundational beliefs that lead us down the road to accept that one plus one equals two, and there are other people out there who have brains like ours, that we're not just dog spit.  Basic epistemological blather.  But useful, in a way.  I've always been about the coherent set, and I think that's where it all leads to, and he probably wouldn't disagree. Foundational beliefs don't exist outside the context of that set anyhow.  Either way, I hear fake English every day.

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