Sunday, December 18, 2011


The five-year-old sleepover is a fearsome thing.  Odd bedtimes, even odder waking times.  Weird food allergies, more likely bizarre food dislikes.  There is always a spate of crying and a spate of complaining and a spate of not wanting to go to bed.  But, there is this golden opportunity to affect a life.  You know, to really make an impact.  And so, when my son's friend's father forwarded me this picture my son's friend drew immediately upon return to his home, I figured I'd done my job alright.

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Josh Aggars said...

I know that feeling, its lush. I've kept all the old pics my neices and nephews used to send me as thank you letters. In one of them I'm twice as tall as my board and green! Excellent. Nothing like inspiring the groms. I've even been giving my nephew guitar lessons of recent. Getting him to play a little Jimi is amazing - passing the baton down the generations. Quick learner too!

Happy Xmas to you and your kin if I don't comment before,