Monday, January 16, 2012


via Salcedo via Mollusk via Vimeo via Witzig


Anonymous said...

design geek: you can see in the first 48 secs. the difference between the rolled bottom of Young's board vs. Brewer's more flat bottomed, hard edged design. Brewer's turns show water displacing off the back half and aft of the board - he looks slower and less fluid. Young's board is displacing water from the tail up to 2/3's of the board and he's matching the wave's speed.

this was the ideological split between flow with the wave and directional freedom on the wave face. each style of riding a wave has it's own merits. each has it's flaws. each is equally difficult to master.


Anonymous said...

What, no mention of the music from the great Paul Butterfield album? Fuck SOPA, but give credit where credit is due!

EditorialBoard said...

Via Paul Butterfield.