Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nothing Beats That Jury Duty Zest

Just another example of "things not to do when they are not meant to be done."  Today I spent the better part of the upward then downward slope of the sun trapped in a big, relatively comfortable room in a court house in downtown Brooklyn awaiting a jury selection that never came.  Usually I'd be all gung ho about the opportunity to be a judging pier, and have been continually disappointed by my lack of jury selectionableness in the past, but this time, just this once, the Jury card reared it's head at the wrong time.  Agitated, fidgety and annoyed, I paced the back shadows of the jury waiting area quietly cussing our overly litigious police state.  In this state of bluster I read Rob Gilley's spectacularly dumb posting on the Surfer blog.  The guy has taken many great photos, but social commentary was something he should have stayed away from yesterday.  But, apparently commentary on his social commentary isn't my strong suit either as I typed out with my massive, sausage like digits on my tiny hand-held device this patently unilluminating literary response:

So many things happening wrong here, but luckily, there are better responses to the inanity here.


kelvin freely said...

ha ha judging pier . . . makes sense in the context of a surfblog.

EditorialBoard said...

Thanks. I felt a little guilty putting that in there.