Sunday, March 4, 2012

Every time I squeeze into the winter suit and paddle out I pull from mental bag a handful of recycled whines.
"Goddamn I hate booties."
"Jesus I hate mits."
"Christ almighty I can't do a thing with a hood on."
Usually, pulling out the foul weather gear comes after a healthy hiatus from surf.  It's just how it seems to end up working.  Some guys get to use their foul weather gear weekly and daily.  Mine tend to be used monthly, if that.  In this case, exactly one month has gone past since my last surf.  And that last surf was in unseasonably warm San Diegan waters.  To further compound the problem, I am a fantastic regresser.  World class.  Given a couple weeks off and my arms are noodles, my balance sputters and my confidence is shot.  All to say the last few days found me happily cursing the rubber and neoprene.  Thank Yahweh we had some waves this weekend.

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