Friday, April 20, 2012

Surf Historians

We tend to pay really really great attention.  Really, really great.  And so when we peruse the "Surf Historians" section we notice all sorts of things.  Like we notice that certain surf blogs are now fashion blogs.  And certain other surf blogs no longer exist.  And even other surf blogs haven't posted in months. What we aren't good at is maintenance.  Doing the little things to keep it all fresh.  So maybe next week sometime if we find the time we'll go through the "Surf Historians" section with a fine tooth comb. We'll be weeding out blogs that don't post, don't exist, or have magically changed subject matter and authorship.
If you know of a good surfy blog that should be there, especially of the local East Coast variety, let us know...

Antonio & Toddy (and Angus, who is with us in our hearts.)


nsabich said...

The Granite Stoke from New Hampshire would be a grand addition:

ras said...

my one time slightly surf related blog could be removed from your list as it has gone the way of the pay phone. many tanks.

oh yeah that would be Ku Yah!