Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Glide Surfing Magazine from Japan

"Hey Jamie.  What's up?"
"Hi Todd, how're you doing?"
"I'm pretty good, you know... what's going on with you?"
"I'm great.  Hey, are you at your office right now?"
"Yeah I'm here."
"Great.  Listen, the reason I'm calling is because I'm here with Chris down at Mollusk with some guys from a Japanese surf magazine and we both thought they should come and meet you."
"Sure, no problem.  Right now?"
"Yeah, we're right down the street, so..."
"Yeah, no problem.  I'm here. I'll be here all afternoon."
"Ok, well, we'll come by."

Next thing you know, Junji, Kenyu and Jamie are in my studio and presto change-o, Bob's your uncle, I'm in a surf magazine along with Bubbie and a bunch of other higher class people than myself. The magazine is gorgeous, there are tons of great photos, lots of kanji I can't decipher and articles on all sorts of surf shops and people and boards and things I've only heard about.  And me.  There I am.  In this sort of work-of-art Japanese surfing mag. Not only that, but Junji hit me up for some Pilgrim photos and so my photography is on the cover and in the Pilgrim section too. Crazy.  Michael Rovnyak did the super solid and donated what may be one of only four extant surfing photos of me. If Kanae weren't leaving for a vacation in Japan tomorrow I'd record her reading whatever they chose to write about me.  Looking forward to Lentini giving me a hard time about this.


nsabich said...

Awesome news, Todd! Such a great story and some perfect shots.

Mr. Lentini said...

this is way too easy ..waaaay too easy

Did you hear toddy is huge in japan?

kelvin freely said...


Telmo said...

I'm very surprised about this japanese surf magazine, especially if we consider that in 2005 in Spain a surf magazine was born exactly with the same name Glide and the same style: Glide. At the next link you can see one of the links to the magazines. Or you can simply search Google 'Glide revista de surf'. By the way I was the creator of the magazine, the editorial director.
alfon Quintela