Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's a "Do The Right Thing" day here at EBNY

We will resume normal unintelligible surfy blather after this brief announcement:

Dear Suny Charter Schools Institute:

I find it ridiculous that there are two Citizens of the World Charter Schools proposals designed for District 14.
Our district and our parents have all the opportunities we need to build on the existing education options for our kids.
It just shows the ineptitude of the system as a whole, the blind hubris of those not truly involved on the ground, and the lack of perspective and intelligence of those involved with this shoehorning a situation that does not fit.  
These two proposed schools do not offer anything unique in the way of curriculum, programming, or pedagogy.  
CWSNY1 and CWSNY2 are copies of the schools that we have.  


Todd Stewart

For more information on this, and or to sign the petition, please click HERE.
And more reading here.

And join in the fight in person: 

WAGPOPS Meeting 
Saturday, May 12 at 3:30PM
Church of the Ascension 
127 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Citizens of the World is proposing two charter schools for Williamsburg/Greenpoint that are poor replicas of our existing neighborhood public schools. We have read these proposals line by line. CWSNY1 and CWSNY2 offer nothing different or unique. Our diverse neighborhood public schools enjoy superior programming and curriculum.
Williamsburg and Greenpoint's neighborhood elementary schools, including our eight magnet elementary schools, are under-enrolled. Accepting these two proposals will do a profound disservice to our educational landscape by siphoning middle class families out of the schools that are currently servicing them well, re-segregating our only recently diverse schools, and ensuring socio-economic and racial isolation in the schools that most desperately need diverse families.
These two proposals were written with a reckless lack of consideration for our community and reflect how little Citizens of the World knows and cares for our neighborhood, its history, and our neighborhood families. CWSNY1 and CWSNY2 have nothing to do with providing “high-quality public school options for families,” and everything to do with politics.
The SUNY Board of Trustees that authorizes charter schools in NYC must listen to the real stakeholders; the families and community based organizations who are intimately involved with our local schools. These proposed schools are redundant, wasteful and dangerous to our community.
We want our children in class together.


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