Monday, June 4, 2012

Lil' Flatso

I have deep seeded, irrational and at times masochistic distrust of web cam surf reports.  I tend to trust the numbers more.  This may sound obtuse to many and quixotic to some, but really it's just the worst sort of red herring pronouncement.  Mostly because I rarely really look at the numbers anymore either.  Rather, I look down at my handy pocket calculator picture telephone, press a button, and if it shows "green" or "blue" my eyes light up, glaze over, then dart back and forth looking for an exit.  Of course this is all to say that my hold on physical reality is tenuous, particularly when it comes to surf forecasting.  This also all goes to say that I can be very easily skunked.  Like this morning.  Because I'm stupid.

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