Monday, June 18, 2012

Spring Cleaning

My wife recently informed me that it is, in fact, not summer yet.  This took me unawares.  I figured it was summer.  In fact, summer does not start until the 21st.  Or 20th.  One of those days.  It is the 18th today.  I do not have time to spring clean.  Coming off a very busy "official" period, I have a very busy "unofficial" period ahead of me.  This scheme of career taxonomy is something I'm not sure happens in other disciplines with such regularity.  As a filmmaker-editor person, a kind of artisan meets moron, there is always the choice to take on things called "personal projects."  These take the form of favors for friends, speculative efforts to boost opportunities in the careerist future, and passion projects.  Really, usually, all three categories are intimates.  This sometimes has unfortunate consequences.  And so this morning, on the eve of a small "unofficial" season, I am spring cleaning (not summer cleaning) my office.  And I have never owned a Playstation.  One, two, three... I don't know how many permutations there might be at this point, but somehow this video game crept into my personal vault.  Whatever the point of origin, Kelly Slater once purposefully mixed my name up with Rod Stewart.  Sort of.  

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