Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Support M. Lusk

There are a few M. Lusks out there. This is the one I know. He got me a job as an art hanger back when there were still galleries in Soho. He even put me in my first Brooklyn group show, where he built a whole store front in his waterfront Greenpoint apartment. I sold t-shirts onto which I had sewn cut out images from children's books and Wifey sold hand-made muslin underwear. Those were heady days. Matt Lusk is one of a handfull of truly struggling (in that glamorous sense) real pioneer-type artists in Brooklyn. And yes, "handfull" is a relative term as is "pioneer." Regardless, he is one of my favorite people. One of my favorite train wrecks. One of the few personal inspirations that floats around these parts, scratching his head and trying to work it all out. Art is a funny thing, often more important in process than in product, and lost in translation by the multitudes because. But I believe in Matthew.

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