Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Craig Stecyk One One One is Still Tops

So I'll admit when I went to the Beached Days magazine giveaway party at Pilgrim a while back I didn't really read the magazine too closely. I saw a bunch of grainy pictures and a little bit of writing and a lot of stuff that looked like advertorials. I just thought huh. I jus thought ok that's that. Today at lunch I am sitting behind Mitzi Dodge, eating a chicken torta from CariƱo while she muttered under her breath disparaging comments about how people record adult contemporary guitars, and I pick up the Beached Days hidden under the phone on the coffee table. I flip through, see all the same grainy, nice looking advertorial stuff and happen across a minuscule, I mean really tiny, interview of CRS3. Pretty standard really until the last little answer just hops out classic Stecyk style, dribbling across the page in globules of tapioca greatness. God bless that guy.


o4trix said...

'The siren never realizes that it is a victim of body dysmorphic disorder.'

So good.

Mr. Lentini said...

no one beats crs..no one