Monday, July 9, 2012

Current Notes from Two Days of Vacation Volume One

I will soon be writing a book modestly titled The Six Year Old and You: Shame-Based Discipline and the Coercion of Your Child Through Humiliation.  The heading of the third chapter will be "Wow this is the tallest two year old I've ever seen!"

The best response to someone erroneously yelling at you for dropping in on them is to not say a word and stare them down.  This may actually be the worst response in some cases.  But if they really did paddle under you and then claim the wave was theirs after you obliterated them on the drop, well, best not to say anything anyhow, your actions just said everything that needed saying.

If you ever have the chance to take part in a Native Southern Californian family reunion, take it. Take it and sit down to some of the best mexican food you've ever had.

Foamy boards will rip up your knees.

Carry your harddrives with you.  Do not leave them to the fates of the checked pelican case. Disaster.

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