Monday, July 16, 2012



Anonymous said...

He/she must have been surfing Rockaway on a week-day because all the d-bags and kooks head to Montauk on the weekend

EditorialBoard said...

I've heard Montauk is crazier than ever this summer. What's going to be the tipping point? How will it all end up? I can't handle surfing Rockaway. Just too much happening there. Now I can't justify spending too much time in Montauk either. Mostly out of respect, partly out of self-esteem preservation. It's one of those things that you want to be able to enjoy, but there is this nagging guilt that you're just adding to the woes of a once-undisturbed paradise.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it is the more experienced surfer who has to school the kooks. R'way has blown up with so many kooks for several reasons. The surf schools and accessibility to renting boards, anyone after being pushed onto a wave for an hour thinks they are a surfer. The "hipness" of surf culture being exploited in the media (check out NY TIMES, The Daily News, even WALL Street Journal, of course Gothamist) Even in car commercials! So posers who want to look like surfers get out there and create seriously dangerous situations. Tons of douchebags paddling for the same wave, but no one pulls off the wave when the right-of-way-surfer pops up! No respect for line ups in the R'ways, it kinda sucks. What to do? I love surfing, but I don't want to loose an eye.


Anonymous said...

I've spent a good chunk of time in Montauk so far this summer. Here's an observation: The individuals that command the most respect are generally the individuals who show the least respect. There's no lineup, just "buoys" in the words of one surfer/film maker. Behavior like that sets a poor tone, and a poor example for others, regardless of ability. It's a sad reflection of the individual.

Try one of these simple gestures: Say hello, help a kook with their surfing, explain the right of way, let someone else have a set wave. See what happens... Selfless acts of kindness and courtesy elevate the spirit and create a nicer vibe in the water. We must give respect in order to receive it.

Benoit Balz said...

23The poster wound up bloodied because of a little stinkbug/gopro drop-in at the dreaded Rock?

Maybe he deserved it. Surfing B90 jetty, what do you expect?

It's the same as it ever was: Rockaway Beach --- Learn To Turn! (And stick that ass out...)