Monday, July 2, 2012


Dropping off the boy at summer camp I ride my bike past Pilgrim to see the guys getting ready to head out. The call for camaraderie is of the clarion sort and I speed home to put board on the car. An hour and a half later, an hour and a half where a full third is spent just making my way out of North West Brooklyn, a third spent stuck in Rockaway Turnpike steam engine broiler room ninety degree traffic with no air conditioning, and whatever is remaining spent hustling around Long Beach trying to track down a functioning ATM so I can pay my beach dues, all the while getting it in the ear from my far better half about surreptitiously making off with the automobile when multiple errands need to be done (and the opportunity for one run-on sentence), I finally get into the water.
Being a Brooklyn based surfer has its high points and low points. The low inevitably coming right before the high. In this case a fun knee high session with friends.
I met the Wax people the other night at a function. I had been skeptical about a surf magazine in New York. I'm not sure why. I think I was worried it would fall into some unfortunate categories of nonsensical posturing. And truth be told, I haven't seen the magazine yet. But the Wax people? The people who have started it up? As nice as can be. And genuinely stoked. From what little I've seen from the fancy sizzler video, it looks top notch quality. .
I think it's very much worth the shot.

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