Thursday, August 9, 2012

Saturdays Surf Magazine Issue #001

In a few shortish summer months two new "inspired by New York" surf magazines:  WAX and now Saturdays.  Knowing how devilishly difficult it can be to actually put together a full on spread magazine one can safely assume any similarities in layout and organization are the product of minds thinking alike to similar ends.  And as these things go no comparison is needed. Both offer up the essential joys of creativity and surfing. I am excited to see an article about Bruce Fowler's Stoker V Machine, a board I nearly picked up myself a year or two ago on a side street in Carlsbad.  The Nick LaVecchia spread is neat to see glossy as well.  The price tag is considerable ($20 mag) but the physical weight is hefty.  There are hints of visual mish-mashiness but the interview buttressing looks to hold it together. These forays into defining New York surf culture are now shooting across the bow with less caution and more verve.  Could this mean the recession is finally letting up?


Rebecca Olive said...

Gasp! from where can I get me one of these beauties?

Rebecca Olive said...

Also, have you seen White Horses that has just come out in Australia. You should. You'd love it. It's similarly expensive, but beautiful. Their second issue is close to coming out, but they're gonna have it on ipad too.

Maybe we can do an international post mag swap?

Toddy said...

Sounds like a great idea.
You should definitely check out the WAX mag too.
There are some great moments of water appreciation in that magazine.

Rebecca Olive said...


I ordered Wax and have it sitting on a little table in the middle of my kitchen, waiting for me to read (with a plie of others...)