Monday, August 13, 2012

The Good & The Bad

Mastastico proverbially shaking his head, Johnny Panessa's vision of failure.

Last night I connived to set my alarm for PM instead of AM, robbing myself of the second chance to consumate my relationship with the new board. Yesterday morning's foreplay left inevitably unsatisfied as the dump, roar and rip turned me off. So this morning when my eyes popped open and it was already light out, I knew somehow I'd blown the chance to redeem, redress and reacquaint. On a good note, yesterday's yard work did wonders.


curran said...

congrats on the new pad Todd! looks very inviting.

cannot wait to see what you do with the yard.

Sunflowers and Poppies.

Neil said...

The west end missed you this morning

EditorialBoard said...

My alarm just went off.

EditorialBoard said...

(4:45 PM)

kelvin freely said...

yet another reason we should switch to 24 hour clocks.