Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The September Issue

Things have been hectic. Good hectic maybe mentally manipulated into bad hectic. The kind of hectic that takes you out of your comfort zone and doesn't necessarily put you in an uncomfortable zone, just a different sort of comfort zone you gotta get used to. And the waves have been decent. And the season is changing fast. Hot to warm to cool. The moisture is going out of the air. Lips are getting chapped. Sinuses are clogging. Stress mounts and recedes in that natural way that feels like the pace of the waves when looked at close up then seems like the pace of tides when looked at from far away. And in all this we try to record every minute minute. In our head, in our camera, on our walkie talkies. We sit down to dinner and try to tank out what information we can from each other. It's like yanking teeth. And then, moment irretrievable, the realization hits after the chance is squandered. We resolve to do better, saying next time, next time. Repeating next time, next time. And we believe it. I believe it anyhow. I hope you do too. And back to those decent waves. I've been admittedly irresponsible, then adamantly very very responsible. Depends on who's side your on. Thursday and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday. Missed Wednesday, skipped Friday, watched onshore Saturday's mess. Prodigal EBNY Tiger Beat Correspondent Ed Cornell has done that thing the first word of the sentence implies, in the process sending through some very nice snap shots of what it's like to be a New York surfer in the right spot at the right time. It was very very fun indeed.

All photos © Ed Cornell

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