Friday, October 5, 2012

Happenings Happenings Happenings

New York has sooooo much going on.  There is soooo much to do here.  Every night! Parties! Art happenings! Drinking! Dancing! Nightlife! This is the grand true myth.  The legend that exists.  Cus it's true.  There is stuff happening all the time here.  It really is an adult playground.

If you're the type of adult that doesn't work 80 hours, have a kids or need to commute a couple hours. Or the the type of adult that's just too lazy to take part.

I'm a little bit of all those things.  And as I pointed out, sometimes I just do stupid things like choose a presidential debate instead of see a surf film.  Sometimes I'd rather stay at home and make scientific experiments with my son with his scientific experiment kit.  Sometimes I just forget.  Any way I slice it, there are about a thousand great things that have been happening but blocks from my domicile and I've been skirting them. Last night was probably great. Really really great.  The Kookbox film premiere was probably great.  Saturday will probably be great. I wouldn't know.  But you still can!

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