Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Holy Cow, Are You Kidding Me and Any Other Number of Disbelieving, Wide-Eyed Exclamations

I thought for a second I might not post this, hoping with some vague and ill-conceived greed that at least a few people get their NY surfy news only from EBNY, thereby cutting down the inevitable hordes that will descend on Pilgrim Saturday night.  Of course that premise is ridiculous from the start but what's the likelihood of any self-respecting literary-minded surfer purposefully deciding to miss out on this rare moment? Whiff of a chance.


nsabich said...

Holy smokes!

EditorialBoard said...

But I will say, for anyone who can't go because of any number of reasons... family emergency, bar mitzvah, wedding anniversary... whatever... I'll see what I can do to do a professional recording job on it.

EditorialBoard said...

Or bird hunting in the Catskills.