Sunday, November 18, 2012

ESPN Covers Waves4Water

Surf-Journo-About-Town Jeff DiNunzio came by the Zebulon-Waves For Water benefit last Friday night to talk to Jon Rose about the New York surf community's plan to help with Sandy relief efforts.  Click here to read the article.  It covers a lot of what is happening, what the community's thought process is and what Jon's intentions are.  It is worth pointing out that the situation is changing rapidly and needs are fluctuating accordingly.  It has been well-documented that clothes are no longer needed in heaps and what continues to be really important are volunteers and proper contractors willing to volunteer to help demolition and start rebuilding what can be rebuilt.  Having spoken with Tyler tonight and Mikey yesterday, there is a real danger lurking out there not just from the colder conditions but from the effects from mold-exposure, both for volunteers and for home and business owners.  Without quicker demolition and the ripping out of the old wet insulation and dry-wall, people are going to be at the mercy of some major health problems if they aren't wearing masks.  Man-power to speed up the demo process is important.  It's also worth pointing out that although I am super stoked to be mentioned in an ESPN article, my more recent story is one that will be normal for a lot of people: work & family.  I've had to work two weekends in a row and the weekdays in between and haven't been able to get out there to volunteer myself in that time.  I know this is the reality for many.  One just can't be involved all the time.  What one might do is keep it right at the front of one's brain as a possibility. Bored?  Looking for something to do?  Feeling burdened by a tough work week?  Maybe a day spent cleaning and helping and making the community better will be a perk up, if there's a chance.  It's tough with survivor's guilt and all that to not be out there as much as I feel like I should be, but I'm trying to take the opportunities as they present themselves, trying to make time whenever time is capable of being made.  The recovery effort will need help for a while, so I'm not giving up on the possibilities.  

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