Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fundraiser Season (i.e. Bleeding The Feed)

There is a real worry that overkill will be in the air at some point.  But at some point you just have to let people do what they can do to help.  Everyone has their own demographic, not everyone will be able to get to every event, and frankly not so many people I know have enough money to just shell out every time there's something to give to. The best thing perhaps is to keep your eyes and ears open for that one event (or few events) you really connect with and make your donation count in your favorite way.  To that end, we'll be trying to post as many fundraising opportunities as we can here, trusting that you won't feel compelled to go to every single one, putting money in each and every bucket. (We'll have our own favorites and that'll probably be obvious...)

As everyone who's been down to the disaster zones will attest, your time and energy in the form of actual physical volunteering (and especially during the work week, if you're available) is the most valuable thing you can give, but that is simply not a consistent option for everyone.  Here are a couple functions you can go to in leu or tandem...

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