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(UPDATES: A Note About Waves4Water : Sandy Fundraiser November 9  :  Volunteer  )

Almost one hundred people showed up at Pilgrim yesterday to join Ty Breuer, Mikey DeTemple and others head out to Rockaway to help clean up. It is painstaking work and as our "normal" life gets back on track with job duties having piled up over the last week, it is frustrating for many to not be able to do more for a longer period.

I went out to Mastic Beach yesterday to bring clothes and food to that part of the island which was hit also hit hard. The stark contrast in response (and sheer devastation) was apparent rolling through. Local government moved fast to help residents clear out wreckage and detritus and get things at least looking normal. Unlike the wide swath of destruction that still affects the large population of Rockaway, Long Beach, Staten Island, Red Hook and the Jersey shore, the smaller community of MBV has been able to normalize things relatively quickly. It is simply difficult to replicate that sort of response in a larger context without massive extra-community involvement, i.e. people from the outside getting in to help, donating time, money and energy.

The hard bit is trying to figure out who to trust, which donations won't be hampered by bureaucracy, who will be around for long term restoration and who is really on the ground and can help people in dire need in the most significant immediate ways.  In the coming week we'll be talking with a lot of people to figure out just those programs and personalities that fit the criteria.  We'll post up the end results of those conversations as they come in, trying to aggregate a method to the madness.  Stay tuned and we'll post what we can.

••NY Surfing Buddies & Friends Supplies and Warm Clothing Drive - TOMORROW (Facebook link)
I can only imagine that gloves, hats and muck boots will be appreciated as well as wet-weather gear.  The Northeast is primed for some gnarly winter storms coming through and generally freezing seasonal conditions. ••

More links...

Google Maps of volunteer opportunities here.
The Redhook Initiative
Staten Island Recovers
Rockaway Help

P. S. 110 will be a drop off site for Sandy Relief on Election Day. 
Drop off and vote. 
Everything collected will go to the American Legion, which then will go to Rockaway and Breezy Point Residents
They are in need of:
Diapers, Baby Food, Blankets, Towels, Tylenol, Advil, Ace Bandages, Thermals, Feminine Products, Depends, etc. Anyone who can help with these things, that would be a tremendous help...They have a lot of clothes they really need canned goods, toiletries and cleaning products, garbage bags, batteries, flashlights,soap and baby products

From Ty: Today was another day in the Rockaways. But it was an inspirational day. We had 70-80 volunteers come out to help the people of Rockaway Beach and Long Beach. Everyone was just so amazing and patient as Chris and I tried to organize everyone and make sure everyone got to a place they could be effective. I have to give huge props to Bradach Walsh and the Rockaway Beach Surf Club for their exception
al organization and just the amazing ability to help those in need. I can't thank everyone who came out today enough. We are now going to work on organizing another weekend of volunteering out in Rockaway and Long Beach next weekend. If anyone is interested please let me know. We are not going to forget about our friends who have lost so much from this storm. We are in for the long haul. Thank you all. I'll update you all with more details on how to get involved next weekend. If you have time this week to volunteer and help out, head down to the Rockaway Beach Surf Club and they will be able to get you to the places that people need the most help. Photo of people being helped at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club.


From Ruth: ROCKAWAY DONATION UPDATE: today, the top requests seemed to be: blankets, headlamps & flashlights, batteries, laundry detergent, toiletries (toothpaste/toothbrushes, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, feminine products such as maxipads, etc), mops/brooms, strong trashbags...
*** no clothes please, they can't use those right now unless they're items that will help them get through the cold, such as coats, gloves, hats, socks & scarves ***

A New York Times Rockaway video here.

Some more photos from around the region...

A number of relief pages are springing up on Facebook and social media seems to be activating a lot of people...

The NYC Surfrider chapter is posting constant announcement on their Facebook page.
Long Island Sandy Relief Facebook page.
The Rockaway Relief Facebook page.
The Rockaway Emergency Plan Facebook page.
A Staten Island Relief Facebook page.
A Breezy Point Relief Facebook page.
Breezy Point Surf Club Facebook Page.
Rockaway Beach Surf Club Facebook page.
NYSea Long Beach surfy Facebook page.
And lots of good info at this Facebook page.

Keeping up the energy high at the Mastic Beach Village Nutrition Center

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