Friday, November 16, 2012

New York Surf Stories

On November Monday, November 26th, 2012 at Anthology Film Archives in lower Manhattan the NY surf community will come together to help raise funds for Hurricane Sandy Relief and Recovery. NY Surf Stories is an evening of locally produced surf films that focus on the New York surfing community. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the communities of Rockaway Beach, Long Beach and many others suffered catastrophic damage and tragedy. NY Surf Stories seeks to bring the surfing community together to show our resilience and solidarity in the face of adversity. The films selected cover a variety of genres and styles, all focusing on surfing in New York and what it means to be a surfer in this incredible community. All proceeds will go to Waves for Water, a non-profit where 100% of the fund go to those effected by Hurricane Sandy. Raffle prizes vary from a free hotel stay at Casa de Olas in Nicaragua to an R2 Wetsuit from Patagonia to many more…

The event will be co-hosted by Mikey DeTemple and Waves for Water’s Jon Rose.

New York Surf Stories Film Selection:

Shadow’s of the Same Sun by Thomas Brookins
Stacked by EJ Mcleavey-Fisher & Patrick Cummings
Rockaway Picaresque by Mikey DeTemple
Nine to Five by Justin Mackin
Rockaway Opera by Sean Greene & Zach Halberd
Hurricane Sandy Relief  by Paul De Luna
Don’t Feed The Bear Crabs : Meditations on Western Long Island by Toddy Stewart

When:            7:30PM Monday, November 26th
Where:           Anthology Film Archives,
32 Second Avenue, New York, NY (On the corner of 2nd St & 2nd Ave)
Libations & Snacks provided by: Barefoot Wine, CAYRUM, VitaCoco & KIND Healthy Snacks.
Supported by: SMASH, WAX Magazine, Surfrider Foundation NYC , Patagonia Surf Shop, Casa de Olas & York Surf.
Tickets can be purchased at
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Anonymous said...

This wonderful event reminds me of a fitting cliché about the NYC SURF Scene; "ALL SCENE-NO SURF"
I am sure if Mickey D and W4W did a little digging they could have binders full of surf films by and about woman surfers & filmmakers. Looking at this line up one could assume; Only men surf, and only men make surf films, and only surf dudes coordinate relief efforts. Try women are silently doing a shitload of the work but dudes with egos get all the props. Go stroke yourselves while you "fundraise" while you watch films, and we surfer-women-filmmakers will keep getting shit done. peace out.

Toddy said...

I admit I don't always look at surf film lineups and scan as to whether they come from a true cross-section of the surfing population. And so it is the case here.
I hope no one considers for a second that only men surf or make surf films. And there is no one in my world who'd read the lineup and assume otherwise. Unless they're from Mars or something. They'd either be a lunkhead like me and not think about it out of piss-poor habit, or, at least the ones I know and respect, they'd come up to me and ask me why the lineup doesn't include the point of view of half the population.
And yes, I know a lot of women who are doing a ton of work in the relief effort. And yes, it's totally lame that none of them seem to be getting the same spotlight in whatever press you seem to be paying incredible amounts of attention to.
It seems like Lavagirl has been doing tons and tons of incredible work. And the Rockaway Surf Club is anything but all dudes. Ruth Mamaril has been out there and emailing needs and organizing as well. I've also received emails and updates from Lisa Cangialosi and at least a couple Facebook pages run by women. Yeah, you're right. Lotsa women and men doing the best they can. And lotsa women and men who can't be out there volunteering as much as they'd like so their doing what they can to raise money in their "down time." Fundraising. Because at some point, not only will a mass influx of volunteers not be needed anymore, but a lot of money will be needed to help offset the costs of rebuilding by skilled contractors. On top of that, keeping the word out and making sure the issue doesn't just die can be important in itself.

I understand that there is a lot of anger out there. There needs to be a lot of anger out there on a number of things and sometimes necessary to hit things hard and make conflict to make a point.
Get it out if it makes you feel better. Then take a deep breath and get on with what you need to get on with.

tjbreuer said...

First, this event was intended to help raise funds for Waves for Water which has been working tirelessly with numerous local organizations like Lavagirl surf and the Rockaway Beach Club and numerous other women who surf. So, to go on attacking W4W is just senseless and shows your ignorance to the organization and all the help they are providing.
Second, this is a fundraiser for our friends and family who were affected by the storm. Unfortunately, we threw this event together in a short amount of time and we reached out to the filmmakers we knew that had films based around the NY surfing experience. We tried to reach out to a few female surf filmmakers but unfortunately we were not able to get any responses. So, we went with what we had.
This event is actually being helped organized by women surfers such as Aerel Yun from Wax magazine, Adlin Diaz from York Surf and NY Surfing Buddies, and Joy Lewis from Patagonia. These woman are the ones actually getting "Shitloads" of work done. Joy has been out every spare day in Long beach and the Rockaways. Adlin has been out at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club numerous times helping out and Aeriel was one of the first groups of volunteers to go out to Rockaway and help. These women have no complaints about the program. They are actually enthusiastic about it.
The other thing is, I don't know if you have ever watched Shadows of the Same Sun but that film highlights numerous female surfers in Rockaway. The film actually focuses on the whole community and the beauty of the surfing community out there. So, while you complain about no female filmmakers being on the list, some of us like to put the petty things aside and do the right thing and try to help in any way possible.
Anonymous, if you don't like the lineup thats fine. Please don't go to the event. We want people who are positive and are about bringing people together, not trying to fracture it with senseless and petty anonymous comments. The very fact that you choose to be anonymous leaves one to wonder what your hidden agenda is? Obviously your agenda is not about helping the community and getting these places back on their feet.
And if you want to talk about "getting Shit done" all of us involved in this event are doing just that.
And lastly Anonymous, If you wanted to see a woman filmmaker in this lineup and if you were all about helping, you could have just written a nice letter to some of us organizing the event and put us in contact with some female filmmakers. I don't think we would have been resistant to that. I think we would have welcomed it with open arms. We actually are still open to that. So, if you have anyone you want us to get in contact with, feel free to reach out to us. This disaster is bigger than our egos. We want to help and if you want to help, here is a great opportunity to do just that.